Monday, February 21, 2011


Here again in Fantino. It's been a really, really short week. They just keep getting shorter. I think as you work and forget about everything from home and focus on every one of your investigators the days are pretty much all just the same. It's really cool to experience the thing that all the R.M.'s talk about. The best two years. It's true.

So yesterday I had a really interesting experience with following the spirit. We were done with our two morning lessons and headed to lunch a little early, but I told my comp that I wanted to walk the other way and make a small loop. It wasn't long before we figured out exactly why. One of the two recent converts of walker and I, juleysis, had been a little cold on us missionaries of late, specifically my comp. We don't know why, but we figured it was because she really loved walker and was still recovering from the loss of him being gone. We still don't know why, but as of yesterday she has opened up to us. On the way to lunch we gave her a short yes powerful lesson on prayer, and she and elder carpenter were laughing together. I actually haven't seen that very much from him. Anyway, after that I have decided that

1. I will NEVER, EVER reject a spiritual impression. In any circumstance. They are powerful and real.

2. I will always qualify for the spirit to be with me so I can follow it's impressions.

I love the mission. Carpenter and I have 8 baptismal dates, and one this saturday. I am so happy. The young man that we are baptizing just got permission from his father. The timing was really strange and yet again strengthened my testimony of the fast. We began our fast for our investigators who had been impeded by their parents from being baptized, and that day oliver told us his dad gave him permission. Coincidence? Idk, but as I've said even before my mission I just don't believe in coincidence. Everything happens, great and insignificant, necessary and profuse, absolute and relative, for a reason. A very specific reason. We are part of a very intelligent plan of a creator of many worlds, and, as Elder Richard G. Scott says, we as human beings can communicate with the God.

I am always tired. Like you said, it's just perpetual. Such is the mission. Never a day goes by that I don't think about cuddling with holly on my warm, somewhat stinky bed. (she made it that way.... not me............ i think)

I got that package! I love it. Man I really love it. Especially the calender. Shutterfly has an incredible business. I totally forgot about the picture of me with the american flag shirt and the american flag. That's from P.C. How's he doing anyway? Still bp right?

More on the way, I have to look at the questions right quick that you sent me... hold on.

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