Sunday, October 16, 2011

More Bonao

ok ok to respond to the most important thing first (at least I assume so because it was all in caps), YES, I did get the package. And yes, I did almost cry when I saw the camel for hump day. And yes, I did get super trunky. Happy? HAPPY?

Nah I loved it. It was exactly what I wanted and then some. Those dips bars are SOOOO good and the mixed fancy nuts with like glazed almost and what not.. absolutely amazing. So, if you'd like to make Elder Sweeney happy send him a very similar package at Christmas and you've done so.

Aaaaand you had to mention fall at BYU again. Wow. You talk about absolutely nerve racking. I know what you're thinking.. "what's the difference between going on the block plan in the fall and the winter?" It's not a huge difference.. Hardly a difference at all, but just the fact that in my head I thought I was going back in the winter but now suddenly being thrown back in the world of BYU, dating and... dating again freaks me out. It's mind blowing. How's that gonna work, by the way? Are you coming to get me after the mission and I'm just gonna fly straight to BYU from the DR? hahaha I kid... Kinda. Seriously how am I gonna have a chance to breath? When would school start for me? should I maybe have a little time at home first working and normalizing myself? Idk, I'll definitely need to give it some thought.

I loved the score of the OU-Texas game. Or... I don't know if it deserves to be called a game. It was the texas football massacre. It sounded ugly.. Just like we like the Cotton Bowl to be (Unless it's Texas doing the beating) Wow. I also can't believe OU didn't move up after that.

Well this week I'm extra grateful for the mission. By the way, who's reading my blog? I'm curious to know who is "everyone." I'm also really glad you're updating it, Joy's been super busy and I understand why she wouldn't be able to do it.

So, I've been giving Elder Holland's talk this last priesthood session some thought, and he spoke a lot about couple missionaries. Are you guys thinking about that? I think you should. Put preston in charge of your firm and leave for a year. And you don't have to pay housing. You could serve in Santiago, DR! Eh? EH?

Ha seriously though it would be awesome. But only after I'm gone from here.. And after I get to see you guys and I'm married. ONLY then. OK? Ok. cool.

Elder Johnson is doing well. He's really happy that his legs are hurting him less and that he's not as tired. I told him at 3 weeks he'll feel completely normal. He still has struggles with the language, but he's learning incredibly fast. He just gets nervous in lessons, just like I used to. The more I see him, the more I'm reminded of myself. You're right, today I asked him if he thought I was pushing him too much, because I've had him start a couple lessons, but he told me he needed to do it in order to learn. He's right, he does need to do it in order to learn. So, I'll lighten his responsibility up a bit without babying him and he'll progress little by little. Sometimes I forget to put myself in his shoes, not knowing the language completely and being far from understand everything.

We contacted a guy yesterday named Daniel who is just GOLD. He is going to be baptised really fast. It's great because this branch needs priesthood DESPERATELY. Honestly. And so does the one at home. I'm gonna be working with a few of my friends who should have been references when I get home. I seriously am looking forward to that. Helping out the missionaries.

Anyway, after tracting into Daniel and having a lesson with him we went over to the first counselor's house. He's awesome. Yesterday he told us he was really happy with the missionaries that are here and he wants us to stay for a year. The zone leaders are also kicking butt. It feels good to get a compliment like that, like all the hard work is worth it. I told my comp that's his goal in the mission, to be exactly that kind of worker.

I love the work. You're right, time is going by super fast. Was it really P-day a full week ago? Now it's here again... I love you two. Miss you. I'll see you shortly.

Till next week, literally not a second wasted,

-Elder Sweeney

P.S. We have an investigator named franc who practically has the bible memorized. He whipped out a nice scripture and justified drinking with it. It's pretty good actually. matthew 11: 18-19. I think.. Could be matthew 10. Anyway, the answer of course is getting a testimony of Joseph Smith the prophet through the Book of Mormon. Simple as that. But, what do you think. Give it your best shot, dad.

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