Sunday, November 14, 2010


LEMME KNOW! I want to know if republicans take control of the senate.
(not that they're any better than the democrats, but you know.. it's a
step up right now). I'm sorry to hear about your taxes this year.
Obama is just ripping everybody above a certain, and that line is
getting less and less every year, so a tax break would be really nice.

Well, here in the Dominican it's still super balmy. Like.. well I'd
say oppressive but that doesn't quite do it justice. The weird thing
is, I actually really love it. There's a reason I was called here.

I got to go to the university again Monday, this time not to teach an
English class. The people here are SO willing to just talk to anyone,
they love friends, especially american friends, so to share a message
with them is really easy. But, to get them to accept your
message--that's an entirely different matter. I did contact a guy
named Mitchell, who was really nice (as the rest of the people are)
but had a couple mormon friends so didn't think we were too peculiar.
So, as we talked to him in super broken spanish and tried to
understand is ridiculous Dominican accent, we taught him about the
Book of Mormon. And he actually wants to meet with us again next
Monday. His only hang up was cafe, of coffee. So this entire week I've
been planning on how to teach him about the Word of Wisdom. I just
thought I'd tell you that because I have a continuing investigator in
the MTC.. I'm lucky. But it's really nice because, unlike in the
field, I am planning an entire week for this one person. I didn't
realize just how much time and thought went into each investigator,
but it makes sense because it's the only reason we're out here,
invitar a las personas a venir a Cristo, invite others to come unto

Spanish is definitely harder than what I thought it would be. It's
like learning any language, only luckily a lot like english in some
ways. But in other ways its SOOOO different. Anyway, I'm still
plugging away, learning more every day, and understanding and speaking
better every day. I think by 5 months it would be realistic to have it
down, but it'll be rough till then.

I don't even know if I told you in my last later, but I'm DL. It's not
that much different than being a regular missionary in the MTC, just
more meetings. But I can see how it's blessed my ability to learn the
language. I can hold a conversation for at least a little while, it
falls apart pretty quickly when I have to use subjunctive (which we
don't have in english). I honestly think I'm going to love spanish
though, it's so smooth, como chocolate y caramelo. (if matt or mike
reads these they'd make fun of me not using accent marks, but I don't
know how to use them on the computer...)

Anyway, not too much is different here other than that. Your letter
was super encouraging. I love getting letters from you and momma. I
love you two, and the family, just because I know despite the fact
that they don't email or write : / .... they still love me. :)

So I'm already more than a month out. It's hard to believe, but
there's only 23 more of those left, and I'm not even in the field yet.
I'm almost ready (and I should hope so, it's only 3 or so weeks away).
I can't wait for a change in diet. Rice, beans, and meat (of some
kind) is getting... well frankly really tiring. It's kind of a joke
around here because I always get the weird stuff in my food, like last
week I had a hair in my papaya, and the other day I had what looked
like a toe nail IN my chicken breast. I just don't ask questions

So this week was a great success. I'm going to keep plugging away,
letting you know how the spanish is going, and I will be expecting
some great letters like you've been sending. Thanks again. :)

I love you mom and dad. Since I've been away I've realized that,
despite the fact that you've done so stinking much for me, I still
took you for granted. I can't wait till I get to call you, all
discouraged because I can't speak the language and so happy to be
hearing english.

Till next week,


Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

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