Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Power of Example

Hey there family. It's been a pretty crazy week. Let me break it down for you....

Sunday Humberto couldn't make it to church because one of his relatives died (of course, that guy has the strangest things happen to him on sunday.... Like I'm just waiting for him to tell us the road on the way to church was blocked by a giant blue whale). But, he's still pretty solid. Humberto is the 38 year old accountant that was super prepared.

Bad news though, Chinito, one of the young men that was supposed to be baptised, said he doesn't want to now because he went to carnaval (that diabolical festival where you dress up as a demon and get drunk) and he saw a couple of members there. He says he doesn't want to be baptised then make wrong choices like that and not be a true follower of Christ. We're had some intense lessons with him since, but we just can't shake him of his doubt. It's really sad.. I still don't know who the members were, but I must say, it was a HUGE lesson for me about how much an example is worth.

Let's see.. The other baptism is good to go. This Saturday he'll be getting dunked. He was so prepared. He already has a mission as a definite plan. I want to send him packages and all kinds of junk food on the mission.. haha I want him to feel special. He's a great young man.

I've been safe this week, luckily. At least on that end I'm good.

I only have a little bit of time left here in Bonao. It's really astounding how quickly these last couple transfers have gone. The mission as a whole, since a year, has just flown by. I think maybe that's a credit to knowing the language and the area, and being senior comp and trainer, it's all just kept me incredibly busy.. which is great. There really isn't ever a dull moment. We're always looking here for prepared people.

Speaking of which, we found this couple, Luis and Mayelin the other day that are just so cool. At their house, the second time we passed by, they fed us what's called morcilla, or pig intestine which deep fried blood in it. The next time they fed us something a bit less weird.. Some classic dominican cheese and what was called "leche criolla", or the by-product of cheese. It was pretty delicious... As for the pig intestine... well....

Anyway, this family is just awesome. They are super nice, the guy is funny, normal, works as a radiologist, and the woman is studying. They are off on Sunday, and they are really interested in the eternal family concept. I love them already, I'm hoping they keep progressing. They would be a wonderful family for the branch.

More news.. This Monday Elder Bednar is coming to the mission. Aparently there's going to be like a Q and A sesh, but nothing as far as shaking his hand or anything like that. It's going to be good I think regardless. I wanted to ask him if he remembers Tom Cowger from them playing basketball at Purdue, but I think I won't be able to do that. More on how that goes later.

Well, see you guys about 8 months. Love you, be safe and happy, I know you are.

Till next week, not a second wasted,

Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

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