Sunday, December 5, 2010


Thanks dad. I don't head for Santiago until Monday but the packages are MUCH needed and MUCH appreciated.
First off I just wanna express to you my thoughts about leaving in 4 days. I am completely and totally freaked out of my mind. That being said I do take solace in the 9 weeks I've sort of been introduced to spanish and the fact that I know what the country is like already since I'm here and experiencing it. Something tells me I'm not half as prepared as I need to be.. but we'll see.
It was so great to see cameron last week. Also, the dear elder yesterday was sweet. That sucks about what happened to BYU.. But I was thrilled to here about the aggies going down, even though it's just like every other year. ;)
I feel like a typical graduate (if you will) from the MTC as far as the language goes. I don't feel like I am great at Spanish but I can say almost anything if I use hand signals and sort of dance around it with things that I know. The rest of my learning should take care of itself in the country when I start using different words in real situations. I do know how to teach the first few lessons en espanol, and that's really what's most important, but I look forward to being able to speak with more fluidity (is that a word?)..
And thanks momma for sending your turkey enchilada recipe. It's one of my favorite meals. The packages will be the highlight of my month, no doubt.
Last thursday we had a fine meal of turkey and mashed potatoes and cranberries and stuffing. It was actually really delicious. Then we got leftovers the next day (believe it or not there was some). So all was well with thanksgiving dinner here, I just missed the risk game afterward. I got to hear from talley in an email, that was sweet. I think most of the people that promised to write me have, with a few exceptions (cough cough mark and melinda...) :)
Notice how I start new paragraphs to make it look like a longer letter. Sorry there hasn't been much that's changed. I'm about to go to the field, but all my feelings were already expressed about that. There's nothing I can do about it, every elder makes the transition from MTC to the field, I just have to adjust and work. That's the whole point of this mission.
I have noticed though that when I go to the university (the only time that I spend outside in my church clothes for longer than 15 minutes) I have a nice sweat stain on my pants. Yes, I have an exceedingly good cooling system on my body. Just kidding.. it's sucks. It leaves a white mark similar to the ones I used to get on my hats in little league on my butt. It's.. well idk. Enjoyable for everyone but me I think.
So that's the huge update on my front from the DR. I love to hear about the news, but the articles don't work on this computer for some reason so I haven't gotten to look at any links you send me.
You are always in my prayers. I feel bad that you were feeling down, but that tends to happen to me too when it gets to be this time of year. To be honest though thanksgiving just felt like any other day other than the meal, so if I don't think about it's not so bad. Ok I'll be honest about that too it sucks. But again I only have one more thanksgiving away from home so It's really nothing to worry about.
I love you all. I still love the work. There really are people in Santiago that are being prepared for the message of the restoration. It's awesome and it's true. Keep me posted on everything that happens, especially with knox and brody because everything is brand new with them. Keep an eye on Mike's three girls for me, give them the usual hugs, and tell them I love them. Keep a lid on Ivy, she's too cute for her own good, and tell little zack attack I'll be back to play catch with him before he knows it.
I love you mom and dad.
Till next week, not a second wasted
Elder C. Rufus Sweeney

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